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Before the Throne: The Believers Guide to Authentic Worship for Manifested Miracles and a Transformed Life

Worship in the Bible shifted things, caused angels to appear, compelled God to move and even aided in battle. After having an awesome life-altering experience of being taken up into heaven in the presence of God, author Jamila Jordan Moody received special instructions from Him to “Teach my people to worship.”






As she sat at the Father’s feet before the throne observing the activity of heaven, worshipping with angels and experiencing other great things, Jamila received special insights regarding the greater depths of worship that can shift God’s people into realms of His glory yet to be tapped into. If you too are ready to experience…

  • Throne room worship
  • God’s glory in greater dimensions
  • New Realms of authenticity in your worship
  • Healing in the troubled areas of your life
  • Lasting deliverance
  • And Manifested Miracles

Journey with the author through the pages of this book and get ready to be transformed!

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