The Potted Quiz: Volume Eight Suggested Reading

The Potted Quiz: Volume Eight Suggested Reading

by Mr Andy Rose (Author)

  • Paperback: 274 pages
  • Publisher: Andy Rose (22 Mar. 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1999661508
  • ISBN-13: 978-1999661502

The Potted Quiz Volume Eight is a multiple choice quiz book based around the magical world of Harry Potter and his friends. With 4 levels of question difficulty – Easy, Not So Easy, Hard and OUCH!! – there is fun and challenges for Potter fans of all ages.

Covering all 7 of the J K Rowling books, you’ll be spellbound by 500 different questions from Harrys’ first year at Hogwarts to his last. Who is the conductor of the Night Bus? What type of dragon egg does Hagrid have? Nearly Headless Nicks’ Death party celebrates how many years since he died? Whose wand is Cherry Wood, eight and three-quarter inches with a unicorn hair core?

As opposed to other quiz books The Potted Quiz uses a quick and simple Question / Answer system where the Answers to the Questions are over the page, no more having to thumb through to the end of the book or keep your fingers wedged so you can flip back and forth, simply turn the page for the answers.

Whereas the Easy questions are just that, the OUCH!! questions really are difficult and will make any Potter fan have to think long and hard before answering.

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