Dear Worshiper: The Core of Praise and Worship Suggested Reading

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Dear Worshiper: The Core of Praise and Worship

Suggested Reading

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In a book that tackles many of the challenges Christians face today, Rocky Dania combines Bible passages and practical stories to give readers an understanding of true worship – and how a heart of worship can make a difference in a person’s life. With topics concerning many of the anxieties Christians face – in their hearts, their minds, their families, their communities, and personal lives – this book will inspire readers to rely on the stabilizing factor that comes from meditating on the goodness of God.

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The book was amazing. It changed how I thought about my life and what I was capable of. It was also motivating to know how trials can stop with the knowledge of gods blessings. It can put you to a higher level of your wisdom and ability in life. Definitely a excellent book to know how to worship.

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This book is so amazing! From the introduction to the very last page, it is so rich. Unlike anything I’ve ever picked up.

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