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Book signing is the affixing of a signature to the title page or flyleaf of a book by its author. Book signings are events, usually at a bookstore or library, where an author sits and signs books for a period.
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New Thriller Book Release Father Divine’s Bikes

New Thriller Book Release Father Divine's Bikes FATHER DIVINE’S BIKES exposes the dark underbelly of 1945 Newark, New Jersey; a city that boomed during World War II but finds itself unable to cope with the peace that brings joblessness, despair and crime....

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New Book Press Release for Pause by Jan Per

NEW BOOK PAUSE; Forging a Strong Mind during Wavering Times by Jan Per, INSPIRES READERS Book Release ON February, 2018 PAUSE; Forging a Strong Mind during Wavering Times by Jan Per. In this irresistible compilation of short stories, Jan Per writes 27...

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Necromantica Book Suggestion

Necromantica Book Suggestion By Keith Blenman ISBN-10: 098902346X ISBN-13: 978-0989023467 In this heart-stopping, dark fantasy, two thieves charge through an epic battle between monsters and men. One, a necromancer, a sorceress who uses black...

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Book Trailer The Legend of Bob Wire

Book Trailer for children's book series, age 4-12. The Legend and Adventures of Bob Wire The Legend and Adventures of Bob Wire is a collection of stories passed down from generations of ranchers, oilfield roughnecks, and boot and saddle makers. These stories along...

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Book Trailer by Volker Fremuth Author of The Workshop

The Workshop - Book trailer Jason Pelham is a senior manager whose talents propel him toward the top of the food chain of one of the largest corporations in the world; but with his ascension he becomes aware of the corruption and predation that inherently seems to...

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