Author Marketing & Websites Services with MK Marketing.

We design Social Media packages for each Author depending on their needs. We have a variety of marketing tactics and strategies.

In today’s world, every author must be a promoter too. You’re not alone, though; we offers a wide array of marketing services to help in your marketing and book promotion.

Website Design for Authors
Let us help you set up an attractive, personalized Web site to increase visibility for your book. Having your own website maximizes your book exposure by bringing it to a global audience. More and more people are getting their information online, so it only makes sense for you to use the Internet as a marketing tool by creating your own website.

Prices for a Author Website…
Web Design Marketing Packages, which are designed to cater to your individual needs. Websites start at $250 (the price you are quested it a flat fee, you will not have additional fee’s or yearly fee’s unless you need changes or website site maintenance.
Your site will include:

7 Pages (Home, Bio/About, Books, Reviews, Blog, Gallery, Contact) Some other options pages (Buy Now, Book Clubs, Newsletter, Media)
We will also include a soft SEO build. If you are interested in a more advance SEO build we can accommodate.

Hosting we recommend We will help you set up this services. Godaddy gives you 24/7 help and assistance for your website, domain and emails.

Your personal website can also serve as a powerful sales tool. By providing your potential book buyers with compelling information about your book on your website. You can make the experience of visiting your website an even better one by adding extra features like Blog, Articles, and Newsletters.

Take a look at some website samples we have created 


Additional Services we offer
Email Marketing for Authors
E-mail advertising is a cost effective way to reach a wide online audience. Increase your book’s exposure on the web with these targeted e-mail campaigns.

Social Media Marketing for Authors
The Internet is the fastest-growing marketplace for books. As a published author, you’re in a great position to take advantage of the Web as a powerful marketing and sales tool.

Newsletters for Authors
Newsletters are a very under-rated method of communication, but can be significantly more effective than social media.
When you get someone’s email address, you then have the opportunity to contact them about important things (such as details of your book, upcoming events you have organized or are involved in, and articles you have written) and hopefully turn them into book buyers/fans.