The Legend of the Avatars: The Created World

"When a New World emerges, Cast more than once into perdition by Evil, The Avatars will give new life to the earth, So that a better world may be created, And Darkness shall not prevail forever." The Legend of the Avatars: The Created World Book Prologue: We have proven inadequate and stand uncomprehending under the [...]

Middle-Grade Fantasy Alyssa McCarthy’s Magical Missions, Book 2 Book Tour

Middle-Grade Fantasy Date Published: July 2019 History, like magic, has a habit of repeating itself… It’s been six months since thirteen-year-old Alyssa McCarthy left magic behind for good. Or so she thought… Then the enchanted objects that protected her disappear. Now a skeleton named Errol has cursed her with magical powers that keep getting her […]

Spiritual Fantasy Lord Santa’s Review by Sarah Mirza

Spiritual Fantasy Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers Ash is a Light Warrior who reports to Santa’s Grotto after a three year absence to undertake her review. Expecting to be in disgrace, instead she finds herself totally unprepared for the reception. Her review brings surprises and Ash learns about her own levels of power and connection higher […]

YA Sci-Fi Fantasy Primeval Origins: Rise of Serpents

Book #3 in the Primeval Origins Epic Saga YA Sci-Fi Fantasy Publisher: Celestial Fury Publishing Primeval Origins: Rise of Serpents – Book #3 in this epic story revealing mankind’s undiscovered history and ancient origins bringing rise the legendary Four Horsemen. Join Nikki, a paleo-archeological graduate student suffering life altering happenings turning her life upside-down and […]

Merciful Wolf Human – Skinned Wolves Book 6

Merciful Wolf Human – Skinned Wolves Book 6 by Julia Matthews (Author) Ash was the one who should be leading the werewolves among the Moon Chance Area. Not Karl Sonic. Karl was a despicable man who deserved death for all the crimes he committed against the werewolves Ash was supposed to be leading. That wasn’t possible until […]

THE TRIPLET’s CURSE- HOPE’S STORY by Marsha Black ~ Book Tour

THE TRIPLET’s CURSE- HOPE’S STORY  by Marsha Black ~ Book Tour Follow Author Marsha Black to learn more… Website ~ Goodreads ~ Smashbomb ~ Amazon Facebook Twitter Instagram tumblr The Triplet’s Curse – Hope’s Story What would you do if you began seeing things once you turn 16? What if you aren’t able to see things […]

The Blue Moon Narthex by N.J. Donner Book Tour

The Blue Moon Narthex by N.J. Donner Book Tour Book Details: Book Title:  The Blue Moon Narthex by N.J. Donner Category:  Middle-grade Fiction (Ages 8 to 12) 360 pages Genre:   Fantasy Publisher:  Steele Page Press Release date:  February 7, 2017 Tour dates: June 4 to 29, 2018 Content Rating: PG (Some violence between forces of good […]

The Dark Angel: A Love Story Suggested Dark Fantasy Reading

The Dark Angel: A Love Story by J.B. Shackle  (Author),‎ Mayfryn (Author) A man has to decide if he follows his heart and tells his best friend about his feelings or if he plays it safe and stays in the relationship he is in. Socially accepted, but not completely happy. “What is love? Or friendship? Given the choice, should […]

Dark Fantasy Recommended Reading Autumn Novel The Campbell Family 

Autumn Novel The Campbell Family by Andy Hernandez (Author), Annissa Guri (Illustrator), Suryani Soedarja (Illustrator) Can twin brothers Jayden and Gavin Blackwood protect their war-ravaged world from more chaos and violence? Will the power of the brothers’ bloodline be enough to stop Yale Campbell’s search for the three keys needed to open the Serenity Seal? In this magical adventure of deadly […]

Suggested Reading The Excelsior Witch Chronicles

The Excelsior Witch Chronicles: Book One: Finding Magic by Lyn Michael Kalani McClenathan What if everything you heard about magic was wrong? Hollywood has twisted the story of Tituba in the Salem Witch Trials, to be an evil presence. It’s thought that she brought evil voodoo to the world, but that’s wrong. Bali, an unsure 18-year-old, […]