Ride of My Life: After Dark Fiction™ Book Review

Ride of My Life: After Dark Fiction™ by SS Cohentown (Author), Sirrah Publishers (Editor) Book Review   If your looking for a new Erotica Author, with some Action and Adventure mixed in then SS Cohentown should be your next ready. Ride of My Life: After Dark Fiction™ has a well played out plot, the writing, the unique and the chemistry between the characters […]

The Dark Angel: A Love Story Suggested Dark Fantasy Reading

The Dark Angel: A Love Story by J.B. Shackle  (Author),‎ Mayfryn (Author) A man has to decide if he follows his heart and tells his best friend about his feelings or if he plays it safe and stays in the relationship he is in. Socially accepted, but not completely happy. “What is love? Or friendship? Given the choice, should […]

Dark Fantasy Recommended Reading Autumn Novel The Campbell Family 

Autumn Novel The Campbell Family by Andy Hernandez (Author), Annissa Guri (Illustrator), Suryani Soedarja (Illustrator) Can twin brothers Jayden and Gavin Blackwood protect their war-ravaged world from more chaos and violence? Will the power of the brothers’ bloodline be enough to stop Yale Campbell’s search for the three keys needed to open the Serenity Seal? In this magical adventure of deadly […]

Necromantica A Novel by Keith Blenman Book Review

Necromantica A Novel by Keith Blenman Book Review Writers and Authors Book Review of Necromantica Necromantica was an excellent read with a fast pace, creative and entertaining.  Unlike most fantasy books, Author Keith Blenman pulled in all genre’s creating a book for everyone to read and enjoy. With a hauntingly romantic, dark fantasy that has it all a […]

Necromantica Book Suggestion

Necromantica Book Suggestion By Keith Blenman ISBN-10: 098902346X ISBN-13: 978-0989023467 In this heart-stopping, dark fantasy, two thieves charge through an epic battle between monsters and men. One, a necromancer, a sorceress who uses black magic to manipulate the dead. The other, a rogue assassin and skilled swordsman. Enemies to both armies, allied only to each other, they […]

Keith Blenman Author Interview

Keith Blenman Author Interview A haunted forest. A killer on the run. So begins a love story. So begins the apocalypse. ebook available at Amazon Kindle Barnes & Noble Nook iBooks (iTunes) Kobo Scribd (free with subscription) Smashwords paperback available at Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million (BAM!) CreateSpace Tattered Cover Book Store What would you say […]

Horror and dark fantasy author Frank Cavallo’s

Eye of the Storm is a new Dark Fantasy / Sword & Sorcery novel by Frank Cavallo It is recommended for fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Karl Edward Wagner and Robert E. Howard. “It’s a story about two people from Earth trapped in a parallel world that is sort of a “Land of the Lost” […]