Man…F@#K! Foreword by Kevin Harrington

PLEASE NOTE!! This is a Video Transcript there are spelling error and punctuation errors and its a bit choppy, its a video transcript so there does end up being editing issues, we thought the content itself was worth the read and thought we would share it, however since it’s not our transcript we didn’t edit. […]

Wilfred’s Dream by Mark R. Lowery

Decades after migrating north to Cleveland, Ohio, from rural Louisiana, Tobias Winslow has made an uneasy peace with the past, including his own mistakes that led to a prison stint, and has found a way to thrive in the inner city. News of a murdered son, and the daughter that son left behind, forces Tobias […]

Son of Terror by William A Chanler Book Review

BUY NOW! Amazon Is this where my life ends or I achieve salvation? Should I hop on another train away from here? Victor Frankenstein was repulsed by the demonic-looking face, deathly pallor and 8-footy-tall body of the Creature. It was kill or be killed, wasn't it? They have no right to be so rude to [...]

Crime Fiction It’s Personal by Philip Bond

Crime Fiction Date Published: August 2019 Publisher: Austin Macauley Tenacious and methodical in pursuing a story, Harry’s a dismal failure in choosing the ‘right’ man until trailing the scent of corruption leads her to a life-threatening yet fortuitous encounter. About the Author Not yet the septuagenarian but he is a father, Philip Bond was a […]

15+ Tips for Traveling on a Budget: You Can’t Afford to Miss

Do you dream about going out and exploring the world? Traveling on a budget is easier than you might think! Feeling overwhelmed trying to save money for traveling? Wish there was a way to stop waiting for the perfect moment? Motivation makes it happen! When you look back on your life, you want to be [...]

The Legend of the Avatars: The Created World

"When a New World emerges, Cast more than once into perdition by Evil, The Avatars will give new life to the earth, So that a better world may be created, And Darkness shall not prevail forever." The Legend of the Avatars: The Created World Book Prologue: We have proven inadequate and stand uncomprehending under the [...]

Join the Momni Movement and Circle Up to help solve the childcare crisis!

A Tale of Transformation, Beating the Odds and Changing the World, the Story of Momni Non-Fiction, Self-Help Date Published: October 8th 2019 Publisher: Elite Online Publishing Circle Up is a raw glimpse into the heart, mind, struggle, and triumph of a female tech entrepreneur whose relentless grit, determination, and courage to continue, despite unimaginable obstacles, […]

Middle-Grade Fantasy Alyssa McCarthy’s Magical Missions, Book 2 Book Tour

Middle-Grade Fantasy Date Published: July 2019 History, like magic, has a habit of repeating itself… It’s been six months since thirteen-year-old Alyssa McCarthy left magic behind for good. Or so she thought… Then the enchanted objects that protected her disappear. Now a skeleton named Errol has cursed her with magical powers that keep getting her […]

Spiritual Fantasy Lord Santa’s Review by Sarah Mirza

Spiritual Fantasy Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers Ash is a Light Warrior who reports to Santa’s Grotto after a three year absence to undertake her review. Expecting to be in disgrace, instead she finds herself totally unprepared for the reception. Her review brings surprises and Ash learns about her own levels of power and connection higher […]

Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Bullying If I Could Run

Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Bullying (Books) Date Published: May 2, 2019 Publisher: Mindstir Media The Girl: Bullied & Harassed The Dog: Injured & Abandoned Based on true events, this story takes place in the late 1950s. A young girl’s love for running propelled her to join the school cross country team. With only […]

YA Sci-Fi Fantasy Primeval Origins: Rise of Serpents

Book #3 in the Primeval Origins Epic Saga YA Sci-Fi Fantasy Publisher: Celestial Fury Publishing Primeval Origins: Rise of Serpents – Book #3 in this epic story revealing mankind’s undiscovered history and ancient origins bringing rise the legendary Four Horsemen. Join Nikki, a paleo-archeological graduate student suffering life altering happenings turning her life upside-down and […]


Human Relations Indie Book Awards Visit our website for information on the 2020 Human Relations Indie Book Awards. Deadline is April 1st, 2020 (Early Entry Deadline-March 1st, 2020 for best cost on entry fee.) This is the fifth year of the Human Relations Indie Book Awards. The 2020 contest has approximately 45 indie book categories […]

Prayer is not Enough – The Golden Key to Personal Happiness – Self-Help Book

The official book trailer for the PRAYER IS NOT ENOUGH – The golden key to personal happiness – written by Nelson G. Coelho is here! Get your copy very nowhere: • Amazon: — • Barnes & Noble: —… Keep in touch with me: • Homepage: • Facebook:… • Instagram:… • […]

Tips to Choose the Right Books to Read

How to Choose the Right Books For Yourself Book reading is one habit that is always encouraged regardless of a person’s age. It is said to improve the overall health of readers by boosting the brain’s ability to learn, think, memorize, improve sleep patterns, lowering stress levels, and of course, by increasing mental stimulation. However, […]

Why Your Brain Needs to Read Every Day

Brainy Brain Benefits of Book Reading “Books train your imagination to think big.” -Taylor Swift The above-given words may sound like a cliché but they are indeed very true. Reading not only allow you to productively use your time but also energizes your brain by stimulating activity. Book reading allows you to explore past, present, […]