Son of Terror by William A Chanler Book Review

BUY NOW! Amazon Is this where my life ends or I achieve salvation? Should I hop on another train away from here? Victor Frankenstein was repulsed by the demonic-looking face, deathly pallor and 8-footy-tall body of the Creature. It was kill or be killed, wasn't it? They have no right to be so rude to [...]

Rowdy Randy Picture Book Review

Purchase on Amazon Rowdy Randy is a horsefly that was born for ADVENTURE, She weaves her way through the Wild West exploring and stirring up all kinds of trouble.  During her wild west adventure, she whooshes and buzzes around meeting all kinds of creatures, Buffalo, Cows, Snakes just to name a few. This adventure is [...]

Book Reviews and Their Importance for Authors

The Importance of Book Reviews for Authors As an author, you might have some copies of your book set aside by the publisher for review purposes. If you have ever been reviewed, you know how they can affect your credibility and mental stability – we kid you not. If the reviews are positive, you feel […]