What Goes On an Author Website?

In the 21st century, almost everything has a website. No matter what kind of business or artform you’re in, maintaining an online presence is not just a smart move, it’s what people expect. For authors of all kinds, websites are a place where people can purchase books, learn more about you and your other works, […]

Memoir Writing: Time and Angst Savers

“You did it! I knew you wanted to do this for a long time.  So many people are dreamin’ forever about writing their memoir, never get started, or have it unfinished in their computer for years. You did it!” She was beaming. We sat down across from each other at our neighborhood coffee shop, a […]

Every Kiss: Music, Love and Other Miseries: The Prequel

Music, Love and Other Miseries – the Prequel Contemporary Romance Date Published:  December 17, 2019 Publisher:  Totally Bound Publishing He’s smooth, charming, arrogant and believes he can get whatever he wants—including her. Denying him is a challenge she can’t resist. Six months ago, Gia lost the love of her life—and the spark that earned her […]

10 Writing Tips for an Irresistible Blog

Best Blog and Writing Tips How do I write a good blog? This is one of the most frequently asked questions during my writing training and writing coaching. Are you struggling with writing your blogs? Do you want to blog but are you writing too much time and effort now? And are you still not [...]

Roland Sato Page – Eating The Forbidden Fruit a Fusion of Genres

Interviews or Proposals plz contact via email: Eatingtheforbiddenfruit@gmail.com or text 314-874-3497   Follow the Author https://www.facebook.com/RolandSatoPage/ http://www.twitter.com/Reppin_BPENT Instagram: @thepearl_tattz https://www.linkedin.com/RolanSatoPage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqyiWVvhSlE  Eating The Forbidden Fruit a Fusion of Genres Roland Sato Page is preparing to release his forthcoming novel the beginning of 2020. He promise that the book will entertain the masses for those who [...]

15+ Tips for Traveling on a Budget: You Can’t Afford to Miss

Do you dream about going out and exploring the world? Traveling on a budget is easier than you might think! Feeling overwhelmed trying to save money for traveling? Wish there was a way to stop waiting for the perfect moment? Motivation makes it happen! When you look back on your life, you want to be [...]

Author Interview with Cristal Ortiz Awakening Starseeds

Tell your readers a little story about yourself, your background and current career and passion? My name is Cristal Ortiz, and I am so happy to be a part of this book. It's quite flattering and an honor to have been chosen for my story to be heard. Out of the thousands of people, Radhaa has [...]

Stasia Bliss Author Interview Awakening Starseeds

Tell your readers a little about yourself where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school, etc. Let them get to know the person you. I grew up in a small country town called Boring, Oregon. My family moved to Utah in my teens, and in my twenties, I returned to the [...]

Five Common Mistakes on Authors’ Websites

Three Mistakes That Can Fail an Author’s Website The internet is stuffed with articles that tell about the importance of having a website and those that particularly discuss the significance of authors’ websites. As a writer or an author, you will be able to find numerous reasons you should get a website made for yourself […]

Author Interview with Humorous Satire Writer Victoria Ray

Humorous Satire Fiction Author Interview with Victoria Ray   Describe yourself in five words.  I am simply awesome! I can also add: kind and flexible.    Which fact about yourself would really surprise people? I don’t know. I guess quite a lot. I dislike pranks and I know often people think that I am funny, […]

Book Reviews and Their Importance for Authors

The Importance of Book Reviews for Authors As an author, you might have some copies of your book set aside by the publisher for review purposes. If you have ever been reviewed, you know how they can affect your credibility and mental stability – we kid you not. If the reviews are positive, you feel […]

Tips to Choose the Right Books to Read

How to Choose the Right Books For Yourself Book reading is one habit that is always encouraged regardless of a person’s age. It is said to improve the overall health of readers by boosting the brain’s ability to learn, think, memorize, improve sleep patterns, lowering stress levels, and of course, by increasing mental stimulation. However, […]

5 Fundamental Conventions of Horror Story Writing

5 Fundamental Conventions of Horror Story Writing Horror is probably the single genre that receives quite a polarized reception. The readers love the genre while literary experts pan it.  Some experts are so unforgiving to the genre that they consider it just the extension of pulp fiction. However, all is not lost for the genre. […]

Why Your Brain Needs to Read Every Day

Brainy Brain Benefits of Book Reading “Books train your imagination to think big.” -Taylor Swift The above-given words may sound like a cliché but they are indeed very true. Reading not only allow you to productively use your time but also energizes your brain by stimulating activity. Book reading allows you to explore past, present, […]

Feeling Stuck? 10 Ways to Re-Invent Your Life by Danuta Pfeiffer

Feeling Stuck? 10 Ways to Re-Invent Your Life by Danuta Pfeiffer Everyone is Chiseled. We emerge as the people we are by the sharp-edged tools of a sculpted life –the close calls, the sharp pains, the tricks and cheats that make life unfair, the highs and lows–we become formed by these inevitable forces. But that […]